People Helping Animals

Check out what these great people and organizations are doing for animals!


Seattle Humane is an open-door shelter with no time limits. They accept every animal in need of help — regardless of age, breed, or physical condition. They provide them with the care they deserve for as long as it takes them to find a loving home. When pets are brought to them requiring medical attention, their veterinary team performs life-saving medical procedures. If a pet requires training to thrive in his or her new home, they provide it. Why? Because their mission is to save pets in need and find them loving homes.


Seattle Humane and ten other animal welfare public and private leaders partnered to launch Pet Alliance of Washington, a coalition to increase the lifesaving efforts of organizations in Washington State that provide care for stray, neglected and abused cats and dogs. In partnership with Best Friends Animal Society, the Pet Alliance of Washington is committed to achieving a combined 90 percent live release rate for cats and dogs in Washington State by 2020, and helping all participating agencies to reach an individual live release rate of 90 percent by 2025.


Provide a loving home for the un-adoptable and un-wanted kittens and cats.

Rescuing one cat won’t change the world, but it will change the world for that one cat…




Produces quality, nutritious cat and dog treats which promote health and wellness in your pet’s life.



Pieper Paws Pet Care provides quality in-home pet sitting and dog walking services. They provide you with a peace of mind, knowing that your pet is safe and given the attention they deserve.